Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

To which destination countries can money be transferred for foreign workers cashing their salary checks?

At SUN POINT we transfer money to all destination countries the world round. Our extensive financial activity in this area focuses on the countries of origin of the majority of legal workers employed in Israel, among them: China, Georgia, Thailand and the Philippines.

What are medical tourism money transfer services and who are they intended for?

Israel's high standard of medical treatment is world renowned. Therefore both public and private hospitals in Israel have departments specializing in medical tourism services to international patients that come to Israel specifically for this purpose. We offer money transfer services to all medical tourists that come to Israel for medical treatment. As part of these services we receive money from bank accounts abroad, convert it into Israeli currency and transfer it to the relevant medical centers.

Do you have to come to our branch or can you convert currency remotely?

Definitely, we convert foreign currency using the credit card clearing system. Moreover, as part of our telephone service we also deliver the converted funds to the customer’s home or transfer it to a requested destination in Israel or abroad.